5 Important Tips in Selecting Sunglasses

5 Important Tips in Selecting Sunglasses, Polarized lenses, UV protection, what type of sunglasses should I get?

There’s no doubt that sunglasses make a bright, sunny day even better. With the sun out of your eyes and a pair of cool shades to show off, you can conquer the bright sky in style. But choosing the right sunglasses that are stylish and protect your eye health can be a challenge.

At In Focus Vision Center & Eyecare in Piscataway, New Jersey, we use the latest technology to bring you the most advanced eye care possible, from eye exams to LASIK surgery, in a caring, friendly environment.

And now that summer is here, we want you help to practice excellent eye care every time you step outside. Here are 5 important tips for selecting the perfect pair of shades.

UV protection

UV protection is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a new pair of shades. While you’re probably aware that UV rays, or ultraviolet rays, can be harmful to your skin, you may not know that they can also harm your eyes. Excessive exposure to UV radiation can cause both short- and long-term effects, including photokeratitis — known as "sunburn of the eye.” Also, longer, more intense exposure could put you at a higher risk for developing cataracts or macular degeneration. So always remember: 100% UV protection or bust.


Finding a pair of sunglasses that fits well is important. If your glasses are too loose or tight, UV rays can come into contact with your skin and eyes. A well-fitting pair of sunglasses should cover the eyes completely, and wrap-around style glasses are a great option for complete UV protection.


Darker does not necessarily mean more protection. In fact, darker lenses can cause the pupil to open more, and if your shades do not ensure full UV protection, you run the risk of letting additional light in. So always check that your sunglasses offer 100% protection against UV rays.

Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses can reduce glare and, with added UV protection, you get the benefits of both.

So if you prefer polarized lenses, always check that your shades block 100% of UV rays.

More expensive may not mean better

A pricier pair of sunglasses does not necessarily guarantee better protection. Shades that are less expensive, but marked as 100% UV-blocking, are likely as effective as more expensive sunglasses.

As you can see, choosing the right pair of shades is an important part of your eye care routine. To learn more about your eye health, or if you need a new prescription or updated look, contact our team at In Focus Vision Center & Eyecare in Piscataway, New Jersey or make an online appointment today.

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