Benefits of Toric Lenses

If you’ve been diagnosed with astigmatism, your optometrist might have recommended toric contact lenses. Toric lenses are shaped like a torus and contain several focal strengths to correct astigmatism. These contact lenses are designed to maintain the proper orientation so you can see clearly, even with astigmatism. Let’s go over some of the benefits of toric contact lenses.


Customized for You


Standard contact lenses are one-size-fits-all. You will get a box of mass-produced contact lenses that aren’t made specifically for your eyes. However, toric contact lenses are customized for you. This allows your optometrist to fit you with contacts made for your cornea’s distinct shape.


Lots of Options


You might be surprised to learn that you have lots of options when getting toric contact lenses. Many people prefer soft toric lenses. These contacts are just as comfortable as standard contact lenses, so you don’t have to get used to wearing them. You can just put them in your eyes in the morning and go about your day.

However, if your soft contact lenses rotate, you can consider rigid gas permeable toric contact lenses. While it will take you a few days to get used to these contacts, they do an excellent job of staying in place.

If you aren’t sure which is right for you, discuss it with your optometrist. Your optometrist might recommend starting with soft lenses and moving to rigid gas permeable lenses if you experience alignment issues.


Correct Your Refractive Error


Toric contact lenses don’t just correct your astigmatism. They can also correct your refractive error. Also, these lenses are used to treat presbyopia. They work much like bifocals, but you don’t have to wear glasses.


Change Your Eye Color


Do you want to change up your look but don’t want to do anything major? You can change your eye color with toric lenses. Toric lenses come in different colors, allowing you to choose your new eye color. This isn’t mandatory, though. You can also get clear lenses and keep the same eye color if you want. That’s the freedom you get when you choose toric lenses to correct astigmatism.


Enhanced Field of Vision


Glasses have long been used to correct astigmatism, but they have a huge drawback. Glasses can impede your field of vision. If you look to the left, right, up, or down, you see your frames. Also, when it rains, the water splashes on your glasses and makes it difficult to see. Once you switch to toric lenses, you won’t have to deal with these annoying problems.


Excel at Sports


Astigmatism can make it difficult to play sports. You might wear glasses to correct your astigmatism on the field, but you have to worry about your glasses falling off or breaking. Once you wear contacts, you can jump in the game without any worries.

These are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you get toric lenses to correct your astigmatism. Learn more benefits or schedule an appointment by calling In Focus Vision Center in Piscataway, NJ at (732) 313-2570.

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