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LASIK, which is short for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, is the quickest and most effective way to permanently correct your vision. If you’re ready to get rid of eyeglasses and contacts once and for all, leading optometrist Ray Corbin-Simon, OD of In Focus Vision Center & Eyecare offers comprehensive LASIK evaluations. Book your LASIK exam at this Piscataway, New Jersey clinic today by clicking on the online booking feature, or by calling the office.

LASIK Evaluations Q & A

What is LASIK?

Blurred vision occurs when the corneas of your eyes are misshapen. This causes light beams entering your eyes to bend (refraction). As a result, your retinas in the backs of your eyes process the light incorrectly or unevenly.

By the time your brain gets the light image impulses, they’re distorted, which is why you can’t see clearly. LASIK involves reshaping the surface of your eye using state-of-the-art laser technology, so light is processed normally. In many cases, LASIK can improve your vision to a perfect 20/20, or even better.

During LASIK surgery, your surgeon numbs your eyes with specialized drops and creates a thin flap across the fronts of your eyes. This allows the laser energy to target and correct abnormal tissue. The lasers even track eye movements to ensure all eye tissue is treated evenly, even if you move an eye.

If you’re nearsighted, the purpose of LASIK is to flatten your cornea, while if you’re farsighted, LASIK can steepen your cornea. Modern LASIK procedures can even correct astigmatism.

What happens during a LASIK evaluation?

During your LASIK evaluation at In Focus Vision Center & Eyecare, your dedicated optometrist thoroughly covers your overall health, as well as your family medical history to ensure you’re healthy enough for the procedure. She uses specialized tools to evaluate:

  • Pupil size

  • Refractive errors

  • Cornea shape

  • Cornea thickness

A LASIK evaluation is also your opportunity to ask questions about the procedure and find out if you’re a good candidate.

Am I a candidate for LASIK?

As long as your eyes are generally healthy and you need vision correction, you should be a candidate for LASIK. The following parameters can help determine if LASIK is right for you:

  • Over age 18

  • Stable vision prescription for at least two years

  • Diagnosed with astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness

The expert optometry team at In Focus Vision Center & Eyecare has extensive experience in performing LASIK evaluations. They can let you know if you’re a candidate during your appointment.

Schedule your LASIK evaluation at In Focus Vision Center & Eyecare by requesting an appointment online, or by calling the clinic.

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