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Cataracts are one of the most common types of eye disease, affecting nearly 25 million Americans over age 40. At In Focus Vision Center & Eyecare, you can get a comprehensive cataract evaluation by expert optometrist Ray Corbin-Simon, OD. The team at this Piscataway, New Jersey optometry clinic offers flexible scheduling for cataract evaluations. Book yours today either online or over the phone.

Cataract Evaluations Q & A

What causes cataracts?

A cataract — which can affect one or both eyes — is an abnormal clouding of your eye lens. The impact on your lens ultimately makes it seem like you’re looking through a foggy window all the time. Cataracts are often a side effect of getting older, especially if they run in your family. But several factors can increase your risk of developing cataracts, including:

  • Diabetes or high blood pressure

  • Obesity or being overweight

  • Excessive sunlight exposure

  • Previous eye injury, inflammation, or surgery

Cataracts can even develop if you’ve had to use corticosteroid medications, possibly for orthopedic pain and inflammation relief, over a long period of time.

Are there symptoms of cataracts?

Yes, although cataracts develop slowly over time, so you might not even notice until your vision worsens. Once cataracts start progressing, you might experience:

  • Blurry or dim vision

  • Sensitivity to light

  • Halos around lights

  • Double vision

  • Poor night vision

  • Fading or yellowing colors

As cataracts progress, your optometrist can visually see a cloud over your lenses during a cataract evaluation. Cataracts can affect one or both eyes at varying degrees.

How are cataracts treated?

The skilled optometrists at In Focus Vision Center & Eyecare offer comprehensive cataract evaluations whether you’ve previously been diagnosed with cataracts, are starting to show symptoms, or are interested in finding out if cataract surgery is right for you.

In the early stages, you can improve your cataract-impacted vision through prescription eyewear. But because cataracts are degenerative and are only going to get worse, you’re likely going to need cataract surgery at some point to help you see more clearly.

Cataracts themselves don’t usually harm your eyes; rather, they primarily only affect your vision. Removing them through a surgical procedure and replacing your lenses with clear artificial lenses can dramatically improve your vision. During your cataract evaluation at In Focus Vision Center & Eyecare, your dedicated optometrist can let you know if cataract surgery is the best solution for your situation.

Schedule your cataract evaluation at In Focus Vision Center & Eyecare by requesting an appointment online, or by calling the office.

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