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Whether you want your eyeglasses to create a fashion statement or be barely noticeable on your face, at In Focus Vision Center & Eyecare in Piscataway, New Jersey, Ray Corbin-Simon, OD and their expert team can help you choose the right lenses and frames to suit your style. They offer a wide range of designer frames and high-definition digital lenses to help you look your best. If you want to get a new pair of glasses, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Digital Lenses & Designer Frames Q & A

What are digital lenses?

Digital lenses are high-definition lenses crafted specifically to address the details of your refractive error. The technology used to create digital lenses is precise to 0.01 diopter (D), compared with 0.125 to 0.25D increments available with conventional lenses. You may sometimes hear digital lenses referred to as progressive, high-index, or photochromic lenses.

The team at In Focus Vision Center & Eyecare offers digital lenses like Varilux®, Crizal®, and Tokai lenses to provide you with even more visual clarity. Often, digital lenses are designed to take into account how the lenses will be positioned in front of your eyes after they’re placed into your frames. This means that the lenses correct your vision just as well if you look to the side or down as when you’re looking straight ahead.

Who is a good candidate for digital lenses?

Digital lenses are an excellent option for anyone. However, they’re especially suitable if you have a strong corrective lens prescription or have astigmatism. Additionally, if you need bifocal or multifocal lenses, you should talk to your doctor about whether digital lenses are a good option to correct your vision.

What are the available types of designer frames?

The team at In Focus Vision Center & Eyecare offers a wide range of designer frames to suit any style and budget. Some of the popular brands available at the Piscataway office include:

  • Ray-Ban®

  • Tom Ford®

  • Prada

  • Oakley®

  • Nike

  • Bebe

  • Lafont

  • Ted Baker

  • Nine West

  • Guess

  • Penguin

  • Polaroid

  • Kate Spade

  • Marie Claire

  • Nautica

  • Esquire

  • Skechers for Kids

  • Rec Specs

  • Airlock

The team can help you choose frames that suit your facial shape and your coloring. They can also provide advice on the best type of frames to support your lenses.

What should I consider when choosing lenses and frames?

When you choose your new eyeglasses frames, you should consider a few factors when making your choice, such as your facial shape, skin tone, and prescription strength.

Different shapes of frames are more suitable for different facial shapes. For example, if you have a heart-shaped face, you might prefer frames that are wider at the bottom or rimless frames whereas, if you have a round face, you may prefer wide, rectangular frames or other angular shapes.

If you have a powerful prescription, you should also get advice from the optician about the best frames to support your lenses. The stronger your prescription, the thicker and heavier your lenses are going to be, even with the digital, high-definition lenses. You may prefer to choose lenses with thicker frames to disguise the edges of your lenses as well as support the heavier weight.

If you’re ready for a new pair of glasses or an updated prescription, call or schedule an appointment online today.

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