What Is Neurolens?

If you do heavily detailed work often, then you might be a good candidate for Neurolens. These are unique lenses that can help you with a variety of tasks. You can even relieve neck and shoulder pain by using these lenses.


Prescription Lenses


Neurolens are prescription lenses that have a prism in their design. You can place the lenses in nearly any type of glasses frames that you want. The prism in the lenses is contoured, which can bring your eyes back in alignment. This can help to make your vision more comfortable. It can also relieve headaches eye strain, neck pain, and shoulder pain.

If you spend a long time focusing on work heavily, you may experience this pain. You might be a good candidate for these lenses if you use digital devices or do detailed work such as sewing or drawing.


About Misaligned Eyes


Having misaligned eyes is fairly common. It happens generally when your eyes do not work together with the way they are supposed to. Healthy eyes are synchronized together perfectly. But if they are not aligned, then your brain and your eyes must work harder so you can stay focused and see clearly.

This causes the trigeminal nerve to be pressured. This is the largest nerve in your brain. This nerve is also responsible for many sensations that you feel in your neck and head. By choosing Neurolens, you can relieve the pressure that is placed on this nerve.


Who Can Benefit From Neurolens?


If you have eye misalignment, you will have a number of different symptoms. If you have this, then you may benefit from Neurolens. This means that you should arrange a consultation with one of our professional eye experts.

The symptoms that you might be experiencing can include headaches or tired and aching eyes. You may experience neck pain or shoulder pain. Because of these symptoms, you might also experience dizziness.

You may notice that you are more sensitive to the light as well. This can cause eye pain for you when you are trying to use a digital device, such as a phone or a computer. You may notice that your eyes seem irritated, itchy, or dry. Often, eye drops do not help with this problem.


Getting Neurolens Lenses


If you think that you are suffering from any of these symptoms, then our team can perform a Neurolens test. This is a simple and easy test for you. During this short assessment, we will determine how your eyes have been misaligned. Then we can determine what type of contoured prism prescription is needed. Once you get your prescriptions, you will be all set!

These Neurolens lenses can go into nearly any type of frame. That way, you can maintain your personal style while getting a clear vision.


To learn more, please make an appointment at In Focus Vision in Piscataway, New Jersey, today. One of our experienced staff members would be happy to give you more information about the Neurolens for your glasses.